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World War 2 Beambending

In four temporary sheds in this field, and in a radio trailer in these blastwalls, twelve young Wireless Mechanics under a Sergeant and a Corporal waged a furious cat and dog electronic war with Luftwaffe target radio beams overhead in World War 2.

80 Wing Field

The Luftwaffe deployed three types of target finding beams: Knickebein, the ‘Crooked Leg’; X-Gerat, and Y-Gerat, The RAF gave them codenames, Headache, Ruffians and Benito. Special jamming transmitters were operated from these sheds and a trailer when directed by 80 Wing HQ from Radlett in Hertfordshire.


Trailer in Blast Walls

The ‘Aspirin’ transmitter sent out a series of dashes to confuse the aircrews following the Headache beams. The Ruffians were tamed by transmitters called Bromides. Two ‘Benjamin’ transmitters in the trailer here rendered the Benito signals useless.

80 Wing Crest

The Coalville Outstation was set up on 25 November 1940, just eleven days after the terrible blitz on Coventry. 43 similar Outstations appeared just as quickly in fields across the country. It is worth noting that only one bomb ever hit the Merlin engine factories in Derby.

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